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Mr. DeFendis,

I am curious to know what your thoughts are on the large and complex choices of supplements that are on the market today for losing fat and getting fit. Do you personally use supplements? What supplements can I take that will get me in good shape fast? There are many supplemental protein drinks and now there are even powders formulated to ingest your carbohydrates so you don’t have to eat. Please give me your opinion.

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Dear Friend,

Unfortunately there is absolutely nothing on the market today that will “get you in good shape” without making an effort. There is literally “NO MAGIC PILL.”

The key to achieving Success in Fitness, Weight Loss and Health, lies in Strength Training and Proper Nutrition…not supplements. Optimum results in fat loss and muscle toning will come specifically from increasing lean muscle through exercise (Strength Training) and proper eating (an Ultra Fit Healthy Diet) to insure recovery and stimulate the metabolic rate for maximum fat loss.

When strength training and proper diet is implemented a male who has the bodyfat, can expect to lose 30-35 pounds and get leaner, firmer and toner in just 7-8 weeks…all without magic pills or formula’s. In the same period of time a female who has the weight to lose will be able to lose 20-25 pounds with the proper program being implemented…again, all without supplements.

Surprisingly, many people spend lots of time researching the latest supplements in pursuit of the latest “hot supplement” when they should focus on the basics first. While most athletes, bodybuilders and figure competitors have this recommendation already integrated into their lifestyles, many people who go to the gym or work out on their own forget to take enough of the best fitness & body shaping product of them all…WATER!

While most nutritionists would argue that healthy fats such as fish oils, flaxseed oil and the other “omega” fats are probably the most important supplements, water is the primary nutrient or “supplement” needed because so many people fail to consumer adequate amounts of it. Proper water intake is necessary for vitamin, mineral, protein, carb and fat transport, staying hydrated, flushing out waste products from the body, helping the body reduce subcutaneous water from under the skin, and many more functions. It will also help reduce the odds of certain problems like headaches, muscle soreness, and other symptoms commonly associated with dehydration. Other risks associated with dehydration include:

  • rapid muscle loss and fat increases
  • change in mental status
  • dizziness
  • fever and vomiting
  • lethargy
  • states of confusion

Remember that certain drinks, even if they are made with water, will cause dehydrating effects. Coffee, tea, and beer are all made with water as a primary base yet each will cause dehydration. So remember to drink adequate water amounts.

Most people would admit to drink far fewer than the recommended minimum of 8 glasses of water per day. Assuming that they removed the number of cups of coffee, teas, soft drinks, and alcohol from the equation, these people would drink far fewer glasses of water than what is necessary for a healthy balance. Consider increasing your water intake to help your body function the way it is supposed to function. This way you will have reinforcement to continue taking the best fitness product that there is…Water.

Respectfully caring about the future of South Carolina’s residents,

Your Personal Trainer,

Mr. USA John DeFendis

Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions. My e-mail address is: defendis [at]

Have a Blessed and Beautiful day.

*Results may vary from person to person.

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