Taking Control of Your Body and Your Health is No Laughing Matter.

Dear Mr. DeFendis,
I am a46 year old mother of 3 boys (26, 23 and 20) and I had gained weight after each pregnancy. The worst news is that I fell into a depression after my two oldest sons got married and moved out and my 20 year old son left for the service last year. My depression caused me to eat uncontrollably.
Now I feel helpless and hopeless and my weight has ballooned up to 314 pounds.
Nothing fits me and I got even more depressed while in the dressing room at the mall while shopping for clothes.
I would like to join a gym but I was afraid that people would laugh at me or make fun of me because I am so overweight. I feel lost.
Can you please give me some advice or direction?
Thank you.



Dear Cassie,
First I would like to Congratulate you for being a responsible mother.
Afterall, how impressive is it to raise three boys and have them be independent and on their own in 2010while they are still in their twenties?
That is a monumental feat!
Now let’s focus on you and what your next move is to create a powerful and happy life.
I care about you Cassie and I believe in you,so I am going to be direct and to the point.
First, you need to immediately join a gym and hire a trainer.
And Cassie…Please don’t make excuses and don’t procrastinate.
I have NEVER seen anyone make fun or laugh at someone who was overweight when they came to the gym and I have been managing gyms and trainers for over 34 years.
You will realize this when you take the first step and go to the gym.
You see, the people in gyms respect the fact that you are taking control of your life and doing something about your weight and health. The members of gyms appreciate someone who is willing to set goals and go after them to improve their quality of life, their bodyand their health.
The gym members are also busy taking care of their own bodies and they are focused on their workouts. They don’t have time, nor would they be so disrespectful as to make fun of someone who is making the effort.
I personally have so much respect and admiration for the person who takes control of their health and the future of their family.
I have an important question for you Cassie:
Do you feel that you are creating reasons NOT to join a gym?
Let’s look at this in perspective.
As I told you before, I have never seen anyone being made fun of in a gym for being overweight. But, I have seen people make fun of people who are overweight while in restaurants and especially at the mall.
Restaurants and malls seem to be a breeding place where people stare at and judge others.
Unfortunately there are those people that have nothing better to do but to look at and criticize others. I have seen this in restaurants and while shopping and I have also confronted those people. (Okay…”threatened them” might be a better word)
; )
Now you have to ask yourself, “Why would behavior like this not prevent you from shopping but the unwarranted fear of this behavior prevent you from joining a gym and improving your body, your health and your life?”
Please gather up the Strength today and come visit us.
We will welcome you with open arms and take you on a fun, exciting and successful weight loss journey to better health and a better body!
Have a Blessed and Beautiful day Cassie.
Respectfully caring about the future of South Carolina’s residents,
Your Personal Trainer,
John DeFendis

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