Is it permissible to have a "Cheat Day" on the Ultra Fit Weight Loss Program?

Is it permissible to have 
a "Cheat Day" on the
Ultra Fit Weight Loss Program?

(Anderson Independent article - Sunday April 12, 2012)
By John DeFendis

(Here is a great question answer article, written by our very own John DeFendis, that answers an important and popular question in weight loss.....Can I have a "Cheat Day?")

Dear John,

I originally spoke to you about losing 45 pounds and since that time I have been working with one of your Ultra Fit Personal Trainers at Coop's Health and Fitness. Just as you promised, I have lost 33 pounds in 6 weeks and I only have 12 pounds to go before I reach my goal.
I had one quick question for your regarding the program.
I have read in a few online diet websites that it is okay to have one Cheat Day or one Cheat Meal?
Is this permitted on the Ultra Fit program?



First I would like to CONGRATULATE YOU on your 33 pound weight loss. Awesome Job! You are doing great and have lost the 30-35 pounds that we promised in that period of time.
Now it is time to lose the other 12 pounds so we can see you safely to your goal.

Now, to answer your question:
Your question is a good one because it is easy to be confused by people who write articles but lack the discipline of a champion or someone with a solid goal and commitment. Our trainers, our managers and I, all think like winners and instill that attitude in our clients. We want you to think like a winner and become a winner while reaching your goals. There are many programs that allow a "Cheat Day." Unfortunately...those are the programs that fail and those are the programs for people who have not made a serious commitment by joining a gym and hiring a quality personal trainer. I commend you on your commitment, your success with our program and our trainer. But you have not reached your goal as of yet and I quote Rocky in the movie Rocky 3:"WE GOT MORE TO DO, NICK!"
(Okay...It was Mick in the movie but here it is you...Nick.)

Here's a thought...
Your health is important and it should always be a priority.
Just as you made a commitment to follow the program, work with your trainer and go after your goal of being healthy and losing the weight...we also make other commitments in life that are as important as our health.

One is marriage.
Does our wives allow us a "CHEAT DAY" to hook up with a blonde or red head?
I don't know about you Nick...But my wife wouldn't take it lightly if I told her that I deserve a Cheat Day because I have been good for the past 6 weeks.
No...If I had done that then I wouldn't be here merrily typing this e-mail to you.

Is it okay to "CHEAT" on anything?
CHEAT - 1 : the act or an instance of fraudulently deceiving

Who would you be deceiving? Yourself, your trainer and our program and many people who care to see you succeed and reach your ultimate goal. Why would you consider "CHEATING" an option then? You shouldn't.

No, Nick, You need to do this right and get the results we spoke about. You made a commitment to yourself, your trainer, our program and me...and CHEATING is absolutely not an option.
STAY THE COURSE...You will be thrilled in another couple of weeks after you have achieved your goal and your success!
Then we can modify your program for maintenance.
I am excited for you and your commitment!
Once again, GREAT JOB!

Respectfully caring about the future of South Carolina's residents,
Your Personal Trainer,
John DeFendis


*Results may vary from person to person.

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1. Lily wrote:
Hi John!

I followed your diet several years ago when you were at the Worlds Gym in Pompano Beach and I lost a lot of weight and was my fittest ever. Since then let's just say I have gained some weight! I use to have copies of the tri-fold pamphlets of your diet but it's long lost. I am wondering if you would please send me a copy of the diet. I was always full and it worked for me.
Best Regards,


Sat, April 2, 2016 @ 8:16 AM

2. Betty O'Leary wrote:
Hi John,
Was just wondering if you could send me a copy of the Ultra Fit diet. We moved and I can not find my copy of it. I know it works and I want to do it again.


Sun, June 19, 2016 @ 12:56 PM

3. janice s wrote:
please snd me a copy of diet

Tue, August 16, 2016 @ 9:44 AM

4. Matt Luciano wrote:
Hello John in 2005 I was a member of world gym in boynton beach Florida and my trainer was amazing. Following your untra fit plan I lost over 30 lbs in a month. Since then I gained all that back plus more. Where can I get a copy of the plan. I’ve misplaced my original.

Sun, January 28, 2018 @ 5:39 AM

5. wrote:
I am glad to be a visitor of this complete weblog,
appreciate it for this rare information!

Sat, August 18, 2018 @ 5:02 AM

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