Gym Etiquette

Thank you Mr.  DeFendis! Hall of Famer! Being considerate and respectful of members and property is greatly appreciated. These are wise words coming from a MR. USA that we can all learn from. Knowing that you have trained with the best and at the best! We are happy to have you as the Director of Personal Training at 10 Star Fitness.

"Gym etiquette is extremely important in keeping a positive atmosphere in the gym when training. The following rules are critical and must be followed: 

1. Put weights away. This is an important rule because some members do not have the strength to change out the weights that you were using or to put them away, nor should they have to you. Putting your weight away also provides a cleaner and safer area to move around and work out in.

 2. Wipe down equipment.  Wiping down the equipment after use is also important to prevent germs, sweat and sickness. Nobody wants to get on a sweaty or dirty piece of equipment.Please be considerate.

 3. Let others work in.  Every member has the same right to use the equipment. Please be considerate to others and let them take their turn. 

4. No yelling or cursing.  There is never any need to yell, scream or curse in the gym. It's unethical, unnecessary, annoying and disrespectful. 

5. No dropping weights.Please do not slam weights or drop Dumbbells or barbells. If you need to drop the weights to put them down then they were too heavy for you to pick up in the first place.Dropping weights can be dangerous and it is disruptive and disrespectful to our members. 

Thank you for your cooperation and best of success in conquering your fitness goals in 2017!


John DeFendis

 * ULTRA FIT Founder & Director(Since 1982) 

* Weight Loss & Fitness Expert(Over 40 years) 

* Fitness Hall of Fame Member(Inducted in 2006)

 * Personal Training Hall of Fame Member(Inducted in 2015 - Educational Leader category) 

* Health Advocate Lifetime Achievement Award. (2012)"