Fitness results come from increasing the intensity of each workout

Dear Mr. DeFendis: I just started a workout program at a gym and I want to lose about 40 pounds and be toned up. I heard that, to make progress, I have to keep changing up the workout to confuse my body or “trick it” into getting in shape.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of knowledge, and I don’t know different workout routines. I am at a loss.

Is it true that you have to keep changing the program to succeed?

— Marcy D., Anderson

Dear Marcy: It is absolutely not necessary to keep changing the exercise routine to achieve success. It is, however, necessary to always increase the intensity of a workout. Increasing the intensity of a workout causes the body to adapt and protect itself by getting stronger, increasing lean muscle, burning fat at a maximum rate and becoming lean, firm, fit and toned.

It is virtually impossible to continue to increase the intensity of your workouts on your own because of your pain threshold. It is easier to quit or neglect to push oneself further when working out on your own.

This is the reason why personal trainers hire personal trainers.

This also is the reason why everyone should use the expertise of a personal trainer, even if you can only afford to use that trainer once or twice a week.

What many people do not realize is that each body part has individual body parts within it. For example, when training shoulders (deltoids), you have the anterior deltoid (front), medial deltoid (side), posterior deltoid (rear) and trapezius (traps).

Each area must be trained, and the order of the exercises, reps, sets and intensity is crucial to making progress and creating the best results.

At the same time, every workout should be progressive and be better than the last. There are three ways to increase the intensity of a workout.

1. Increase the weight each workout on specific exercises, especially the basic movements that incorporate the larger muscle groups.

2. Decrease the rest time between sets.

3. Increase the volume of the workout (sets).

Trainers produce the best results with their clients because they have the knowledge and expertise to implement a program that is specifically designed for that individual.

With each program, we take into consideration the client’s medical history, weaknesses, strengths, body type, metabolic rate and goals, and then increase the intensity of each workout and challenge them at the level that will produce the best results.

The intensity of each workout is so challenging for each client that they readily admit that they would not be able to train at that level on their own, nor produce the results that a good personal trainer provides.

*Results may vary from person to person.

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