Can a Woman get rid of Cellulite?

Can a Woman
 get rid of Cellulite?

Cellulite is a skin condition that affects 9 out of 10 women over 30 years of age and
many are unclear why it occurs. More importantly, most women are unsure
about the best ways to get rid of cellulite.  The good news is that you can get rid of it and look and feel years younger!

Cellulite occurs when the top layer of skin tissue that surrounds fat cells becomes rigid and stiff. The fat cells then begin to either bulge or sag, causing the lumpy, dimpled appearance that looks unsightly and unattractive. The condition of cellulite is further enhanced when the person is eating a high sodium diet which will cause the extra-cellular water (water under the skin but not inside the muscle).
A high fat intake makes the problem escalate and the biggest contributor of cellulite comes from lack of strength training and inadequate protein consumption, which causes muscular atrophy (loss of muscle tissue) and saggy skin.

A good strength training program that is combined with the Ultra Fit diet, which incorporates the correct amount of quality proteins, complex carbohydrates and properly spaced and executed meals will diminish the appearance of cellulite and help restore your legs, butt, thighs and stomach to the tight, youthful look of younger days.

By strength training with a personal trainer on a regimented and progressive weight training program (a program that targets the major areas of the body for maximum caloric expenditure and then specializes in the specific areas you want to focus on) and then combining that workout program with proper nutrition, you will be able to rid the body of cellulite and tone up!  With a properly designed nutritional program the correct amount of complex and clean carbohydrates help the muscle by restoring glycogen (the fuel that the muscle utilizes to expend energy) and also by increasing
cell volumnization (expanding the muscle by increasing intracellular water volume).  This will make the muscle a little stronger, leaner, shapelier, firmer and tight to the skin.  At the same time we drop the sodium from the diet (actually lower the sodium intake) which in turn will rid the skin of extra-cellular water (water that causes bloating, cellulite and blurs definition).  The process is further enhanced by dropping unwanted saturated fats from the diet.  By combining weight training, we are able to reduce cellulite and firm the muscle. We build muscle by training with weights and we harden the muscle by taking in the right amount of quality carbs and proteins as well as dropping sodium and fats from the diet.

Don't waste valuable time...Be proactive and start working out with an Ultra Fit Personal Trainer at 10Star Fitness today!  Best of success!!!

*Results may vary from person to person.

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